Birthstone Customized Necklace

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Cutomized: Yes
- Pendent: approx. 5cm
- Chain: approx. 42cm

1. You can make the order and remark the names and birthstones to [email protected]
3. Please remark on your message like this:
    name 1: Aaron       birthstone 1: August
    name 2: Katie        birthstone 1: November
    name 1: Jimmy      birthstone 1: June
2. Attention: we can only write the number of names and birthstones as you can see in each model.
3. Model 6 can only have 7 names.
4. For model 6, please comment your message in this way:
    Part 1: april, november, march, january, september, june, july.
    Part 2: Bernard, Marcelle, Bruno
    Part 3: Vincent, Veronique, Matthieu, Mike
4. If you send less options of the color for the birthstones, we will choose color by default.

Model 1:



Model 2:

Model 3:


Model 4:


Model 5:


Model 6:


Model 7:


Model 8:


Model 9: